Denominate Model

The Denominate Model is based on successfully balancing four components of the business success equation Opportunity , people, resources and go to market plans. Combined these provide the cornerstone of successful business venturing.

Ideas are the basis of all good businesses. However, finding ways to profitably commercialize them separates ideas from real opportunities

Picking the wrong people will kill any opportunity. Attracting talented management and building a cohesive team is a critical to successful venturing.

Money follows real opportunities conceived of and led by high quality teams.

The business growth process is both intuitive and planned. The business plan makes explicit how the team plans to balance the opportunity, talent and resourcing challenges in order to overcome the inherent go-to market challenges that all new and early growth business face .

Our approach is to match real opportunities with high quality people, facilitate access to required economic resources and to develop and deploy a go to market strategy through a comprehensive business plan

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