What we do

The Denominate proposition is broken into five broad categories:

•  Quantifying Market Potential

•  Business Case Development

•  Commercialization and Go To Market Execution

•  Derivation of Business Growth Strategies

•  Execution and Management of Business Growth Strategies


Market Quantification

Quantify the market potential for a product or service. This will include the establishment an understanding of the incumbent market structures, competitor profiles and activity, need states and growth drivers inherent in the markets of interest. This data forms the basis for the derivation of market entry business models and associated business plans.

Business Case Development

Business case development covers the derivation of a comprehensive business case for the successful entry into the quantified market. These include financial, marketing, sales, distribution and resourcing elements of a market entry strategy.

Commercialization and Execution

Denominate will undertake the execution of the business opportunity. This may take the form of a partnership or short term equity arrangement with the international client and/or entrepreneur. Denominate will manage the commercialization vehicles incorporation, resourcing and operational management through the start-up and early growth phase of the businesses development.

Derivation and execution of growth Strategies

Business growth is a challenge for all businesses. Determining when to grow, how fast to grow and what growth mechanisms to use inevitably requires the making of difficult tradeoffs. Expanding into different regions, introducing new products and services, utilizing new distribution channels all bring their own risks and put strain on the core business infrastructures and resources. Denominate will not only assist in the derivation of a growth strategy but will also invest in to business to assist them grow.

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